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Discrimination? Nigerian Football Player “Singled Out” in Kuwait for Compulsory Ebola Test

Shehu Abdullahi

A Kuwait based Nigerian midfielder Shehu Abdullahi – was reportedly subjected to a compulsory Ebola virus test in Kuwait after his club returned from a training stint in Dubai.

A close associate of Shehu told AFW that the former Kano Pillars star was specially singled out for an Ebola test at the airport on the arrival of his Kuwaiti club from Dubai.

“He was tested because he carries a Nigerian passport. But there was no cause for alarm as he tested negative,” the source informed.

Shehu, a former Nigeria U20 star, only recently moved to Kuwait.

5 things to know about the English Premier League

Premier league Teams

Chelsea F.C.’s advantage at the top of the English Premier League has been skewed in recent weeks by playing more game than its three title rivals.
After the upcoming set of midweek matches, the top-four picture will be much clearer.
Liverpool F.C., Manchester City F.C. and Arsenal F.C. play games-in-hand on Tuesday and Continue reading 5 things to know about the English Premier League

Ex Barca President sentenced to prison


Former Barcelona President Josep Nunez has been sentenced to two years and two months in prison for the embezzlement of 13 million euros in public funds, although the 82-year-old is unlikely to serve any time behind bars because of his age, according to El Pais.

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Super Sports employee murdered in Lagos.


An employee of Supersports, Kunle Fajugbabe, has been killed by armed robbers in the Bariga area of Lagos State.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the deceased had gone to withdraw money from an Automated Teller Machine at a Wema Bank  branch located on Jagunmolu Street around 11.30pm when he was attacked by the robbers. Continue reading Super Sports employee murdered in Lagos.

Qatar and it’s readiness to host 2022 FIFA World Cup


It is possible to view the prospect of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with concern, even horror. It is also possible to admire the drive and single-mindedness the emirate has shown in pursuing its dream to host the tournament. This dream – to use a word used prominently in Qatar’s promotional campaign – is nothing less than the stunning, self-willed transformation of a micro-state (it’s smaller than Connecticut) that was under British rule until 1971, when its population was less than 100,000 (it’s close to 2 million now). Qataris were mocked by their neighbors as backward desert-dwellers, barely settled nomads with no culture.
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Welcome to DECEMBER 2013!!

Welcome to December!

Success, Happiness,Joy, peace Packed With Harmony, Hope And togetherness Of Your Friends And Family. I Wish You A Grand, Wealthy, Heavenly, And Healthy Xmas celebration in advance! Wish You A Brilliant, Wonderful, Mind Blowing, BriskWishing December! Continue reading Welcome to DECEMBER 2013!!